Cable Installation Operations
* Major network optical fibre installation, specialising in pneumatic
technologies, together with mechanical and manual cable placement capability
* Underground coaxial and copper cable deployment
* Aerial optical fibre, coaxial and ADSS cable installation

Optical Fibre Splicing
* New installations
* Maintenance operations
* Cut-over projects and emergency operations

Optical Fibre Testing
* Project acceptance testing
* Diagnostic testing, including identification, location analysis and repair of faults and losses
* Collation and presentation of digital test data

Aerial Infrastructure Operations
* Aerial optical fibre, coaxial and ADSS cable installation
* Coaxial splicing, activation and testing for:
– subdivision developments
– relocations
– emergency and maintenance works
– customer access network (CAN) builds

Internal Operations
* Emtelle-accredited specialists in internal pneumatic
optical fibre installation technologies
* Equipment installations and commissioning
* Internal conduit and cabling operations
* Digital PABX systems
* Cat 5 and Cat 6 integrated computer network
* Equipment room fabrication, including new builds
and modifications to existing structures
* Associated electrical works

Technical Specialisation & Commissioning
Our superior technical specialists are proficient in a
vast array of Information technology, specialising in
commissioning services ranging from Copper, 2M Fibre
Transmission, Ethernet Evolution, IP MAN and Highspeed
1/10G Optic Wave services. Our dedicated technicians
have extensive experience working with equipment from
the majority of leading manufacturers including Marconi,
Ericsson, MRV and Cisco

Civil Construction Operations
* Pit and conduit installation and maintenance
* Manhole fabrication
* Directional drilling
* Trenching and rock sawing
* Zero tension ploughing
* Internal equipment installations
* Difficult access customer installations

Project Management
QC Communications also provides a full range of
in-house project management services to ensure each
project is completed on time, on budget and is defectfree:
* Project quality control
* Project realisation and site management
* Data collection
* Report preparation

Traffic Control
Our traffic controllers are your one-stop-shop for all
traffic-related requirements. We handle everything from
designing a vehicle flow plan and organising permits, to
setting up your site and carrying out traffic control.
Our priority is to assist your business and your workers
to comply with legal and safety requirements for public
roads in New South Wales and Queensland.
By working closely with you, we provide a service that
meets the specific needs of your traffic environment. You
have the assurance of knowing that your site is isolated
from the general public, helping to ensure the safety of
workers, vehicles and pedestrians at all times.
We can assist you with:
* Authorised traffic controllers
* Emergency response
* 24 hour road safety service
* All fleet and necessary signage